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BOMA Georgia Centennial Series: 100 Years of Government Advocacy

From the early years, BOMA Georgia has always been involved in issues of economic development and codes compliance. Protecting Georgia’s commercial real estate industry through government advocacy remains a key tenant within the association.

Arising from a growing need for representation on important industry issues, a small group of volunteers has grown to a committee with more than 40 industry professionals that actively work and participate in the association’s advocacy efforts.

Advocacy is relationship building 101, and over the years BOMA has developed strong relationships in every level of government and continues to address the issues that matter most to the industry. Whether focused on water, transportation issues, environmental sustainability, codes compliance or businesses’ bottom line, the member volunteers and leaders in BOMA have remained committed to serving the interests of the industry. While the way the association has communicated on these issues may have changed over the years, BOMA Georgia continues to lead the industry forward making the best decisions for our community.